Bracknell Head Office

Since opening in 1972 Bracknell has been the headquarters of the food division of the John Lewis Partnership.  Housing departments as diverse as interior design and food technology the site caters for all the requirements of the branches across the country

Page link: Celebrating a milestone in 1969
Celebrating a milestone in 1969
Waitrose achieves a £20 million turnover
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It's easy
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Jubilee House
Project taking shape
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Merry Christmas
from the Waitrose Chronicle team
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Travelling Green
Head office Bracknell
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Tree Planting
Leckford Estate
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Voices on the phone
Bracknell Staff Office
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Bracknell Complex
Celebrating 25 years
Page link: Bracknell Head Office in 1986
Bracknell Head Office in 1986
Five floors and a face lift
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Giving customers what they want
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It all adds up
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Marketing & Brand Development
Making an impact the Waitrose way
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The right people for the job
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Property Services
More than bricks and mortar
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The pastoral side of the business
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From retailing to e-tailing
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The new era has begun
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Stories from the Chronicle & Gazette
Bracknell Partners in the News