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Page link: Shaping the future
Shaping the future
In Ipswich
Page link: Watford 781 - at John Lewis
Watford 781 - at John Lewis
Opened 20/06/2013
Page link: Vauxhall 789
Vauxhall 789
Opened 05/04/2013
Page link: Wells 729
Wells 729
Opened 25/07/2013
Page link: Dorking 755
Dorking 755
Opened 16/05/2013
Page link: Victoria Street 783
Victoria Street 783
Opened 02/07/2013
Page link: Stirling 620
Stirling 620
Opened 24/01/2013
Page link: Oakgrove 752
Oakgrove 752
Opened 09/05/2013
Page link: Clapham Common 616
Clapham Common 616
Opened 21/01/2013
Page link: Greenwich 740
Greenwich 740
Opened 20/06/2013
Page link: Aylesbury 625
Aylesbury 625
Opened 08/08/2013
Page link: Joyce makes the top ten!
Joyce makes the top ten!
WRVS Diamond Champions
Page link: Waitrose dominates wine awards
Waitrose dominates wine awards
Lifetime Achievement Award to Dee Blackstock
Page link: My memories of working for Mr Waite
My memories of working for Mr Waite
Violet Oliver (formerly Taylor)
Page link: A Christmas message
A Christmas message
from the Chairman...
Page link: A time to give
A time to give
Waitrose has decided to give the money it would have spent on a traditional Christmas advertising campaign to charities throughout the UK
Page link: North Walsham
North Walsham
Opens 29 November 2012
Page link: Knightsbridge
Opens 27 November 2012
Page link: Introducing 'Young Heston'
Introducing 'Young Heston'
for Waitrose TV advertising campaign
Page link: Parsons Green
Parsons Green
was formally opened by Mayor
Page link: From Birmingham to Bahrain...
From Birmingham to Bahrain...
Waitrose's expansion continues
Page link: Helping  British Farmers
Helping British Farmers
Pioneering new project
Page link: Cowbridge 735
Cowbridge 735
Opened 1/11/2012
Page link: Leckford's liquid assets revealed
Leckford's liquid assets revealed
and it is good for you!
Page link: True Friends
True Friends
Always have time for you
Page link: Market Harborough 728
Market Harborough 728
Opened 27 September 2012
Page link: HOW RUDE!
A book to mark 75th Anniversary in the Partnership
Page link: Chesham 130
Chesham 130
Down memory lane
Page link: Hounslow - closed branch
Hounslow - closed branch
Third and largest supermarket in 1956
Page link: Debut in Guernsey
Debut in Guernsey
Traffic stopping!
Page link: 75 years in the Partnership
75 years in the Partnership
The celebrations
Page link: Waitrose Jubilee Lorries
Waitrose Jubilee Lorries
Supply Chain drivers volunteer
Page link: Mr M Price
Mr M Price
Managing Director, Waitrose 2007 to present
Page link: Alton 329
Alton 329
Opened 6/09/2012
Page link: Changing Places
Changing Places
Wladzia's moving story
Page link: Bedford opens for business
Bedford opens for business
Ready, steady, shop
Page link: Admiral Park Guernsey 335
Admiral Park Guernsey 335
Opened 07/04/2011
Page link: Waitrose Wine Departments
Waitrose Wine Departments
Early Development
Page link: Waitrose Participants
Waitrose Participants
140 so far...
Page link: Is that all!
Is that all!
Weekly food rations during World War II
Page link: Golden Jubilee Trust
Golden Jubilee Trust
An overview
Page link: Checking out Waitrose
Checking out Waitrose
Waitrose North Watford in the 1960s
Page link: Pam's refesher page
Pam's refesher page
A history of allotments
Page link: Pam's refesher page
Pam's refesher page
A history of allotments
Page link: Pam's third page
Pam's third page
Early days
Page link: Pam's second page
Pam's second page
Sir Harry Preston
Page link: Pam's first page
Pam's first page
A very short history of allotments