Partners volunteer for SOUP RUN

Photo:Lynn Dadswell

Lynn Dadswell

As many people sit down to their evening meal with Christmas less than a week away, three of our Partners will be setting out on a SOUP RUN for homless people in the Milton Keynes area.

Taking to the streets with supplies of soup, sandwiches and fruit, Brinklow ASM Helpdesk Jenny Brookman and her husband Paul, a Deliver driver at Leighton Buzzard, along with Milton Keynes Partner Lynn Dadswell, offered help to those without a roof over their heads and often without the funds to feed themselves.  The three Partners are volunteers for SOUP RUN, which is organised by six local churches and serves food to the needy for four nights a week.

The charity recently recieved a Community Matters donation from our Milton Keynes branch of £860 and, thanks to the work of Lynn, this was the second time the charity had benefited from Community Matters.

"It's been an interesting and eye-opening experience meeting clients on the SOUP RUN.  It makes you appreciate what you have.  Anyone can fall on hard times through no fault of their own", says Jenny.

She added; "We are extremely grateful to the Partnership and its customers for the support they give to the SOUP RUN.  Without their help it would be difficult to finance it".

Taken from Chronicle:  Volume 72,  21 December 2012

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