Katie's cafe proposal

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Katie's cafe proposal' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Katie's cafe proposal' page

Bedford Partner Katie Bradley got the surprise of her life one Saturday when her boyfriend Matthew, and their two young sons came into the branch café when she was working - to ask her to marry him.

But Matthew didn't say anything at first - instead he made special t-shirts for the boys, five year old James and 18 month old Jack with the words "Mummy will you" and "marry daddy" emblazoned across them.

It was a great shock - I'd been working back of house so I didn't see them come in - so when I went out he was just standing there with the boys".  Katie says "I just saw him and the boys t-shirts then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I started to cry.  It was so amazing, and the boys were so happy and excited".

Matthew had come into the branch earlier that week unbeknown to Katie, to ask her managers permission to propose, so they knew about it beforehand and presented her with champagne and flowers.

The couple have been together for six years and plan to get married in March 2015.

Taken from Chronicle:  Volume 73,  5 July 2013

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