Goat on a rope

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By Caroline Matthews

One never to be forgotten summer day at Birch Hill branch the fair was in town camped at the nearby green in front of South Hill Park Art Centre.

While I was shelf-filling in my Wine department I was halted by a cry from the cashier. I looked to the door that the cashier was pointing at to see a man trying to manoeuvre himself and a goat through the doorway.

I went across to tell the man that he couldn't bring the goat inside.

He protested "You'd let a dog in" I said "Actually I wouldn't" hoping not to get into a discussion about guide dogs!

With the choice of holding the goat or getting the man's purchase I chose the latter and the man and his goat went off happily down the path leaving a cashier and a section manager breathing a sigh of relief as we watched him go!

NB The Editor has taken an image from the internet to give a flavour of this exraordinary event. 

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