Partners pull together

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Finchley branch

By Carol Hill

Work is well under way to ensure a recovery at the soonest opportunity from the fire that engulfed our Finchley branch last week.

It is hoped to re-open the branch by 3rd July.

Taken from Chronicle:   Volume 63,  14th June 2003.


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Sad day for us then.But we rose from ashes! 215 I miss you

On 31/12/2012

the photo above is the warehouse, you can see the small lift in the far right which means the main part of the picture is of what was left of the upstairs winestore and the racking between. Mill Hill store had opened on the previous Thursday and Finchley (it's closest store) and some of Finchley's Partners were working at Mill Hill to help out with the opening, over the next few weeks Partners helped out at stores in the vicinity, Whetstone, Brent Cross and others.  When Finchley was safe enough to go into the Partners went back and helped clean up and restock, even though building was still going on in the branch. 

it was one of the biggest fires in London, I believe second only to Alexandra Palace burning a few years previously and was not under control until late in the afternoon.

By Kate Daniel
On 14/02/2018