Smartcards go live at Bracknell

Photo:Line drawing of a PDR

Line drawing of a PDR

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Plastic money

By Carol Hill

The moment of truth has arrived - cash will no longer be accepted on the Bracknell site.

From Monday, payment at all tills and through all vending machines on the Bracknell site - except in conference and training rooms - will be by smartcard or Food Card only.

Branch Partners visiting Bracknell should book in at reception as normal and then purchase a Food Card for £2 from a card issue/refund machine (CIRM).  These are situated at various points around the site.

The card can then be loaded with cash-value at the cash loader.  There is no limit on how much cash-value can be loaded.

On leaving you can re-insert your card and get any money remaining on it and the initial £2 fee.

Taken from Chronicle:  Volume 61.  11th August 2001.


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