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By Caroline Matthews

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The Waitrose Bag for Life scheme was launched in 1997 and was developed by Paul Ovstedal, General Manager, Services at Waitrose. "The idea is that customers buy our strong, well designed plastic bags for 10p, use them until they wear out, and then bring them back to a branch of Waitrose for free replacement. The worn-out bags are then collected and recycled." Waitrose was the first British retailer to introduce this scheme. (From The Gazette). The Partnership archive holds one of each of the many designed produced over the years.

By Linda Moroney
On 24/09/2012

What a striking design it was then, far more colour than used now.  It's time to bring back bold bright colours using citrus fruits, fruit drinks and colourful vegetables. Or even better by transferring our super TV adverts to the bags. The dishes and tractors have had their day.  And cease using the hateful 5p bags which encourages laziness.






 rainbow chard

By Georgina Lloyd
On 02/09/2017