Mr G Walton

Photo:Mr G Walton - Waitrose Slough 1963 with Mayor and Mayoress

Mr G Walton - Waitrose Slough 1963 with Mayor and Mayoress

John Lewis Partnership archives

Waitrose, Director of Trading, Food 1961-1970

By Linda Moroney

Mr G C Walton joined the Partnership from 1931-1955, He originally joined to run some experimental advertising, then taking over General Managership of the workrooms, finally being appointed central buyer for haberdashery. He returned after the war in 1946 as Director of Buying, Piece Goods Accessories. From 1950-55 he was Director of Maintenance and Expansion (later called the Directorship of Trading) and while he held this post he was responsible for starting supermarkets in the Partnership. From 1961 to retirement he was Director of Trading, Food.

On the occasion of Mr Walton's retirement, when asked to remark on how he had found the Partnership, he replied "Well, I think it's rather like running a pub - not just a job but a way of life. Very rewarding indeed."

Sir Bernard Miller paid tribute to the tremendous amount of energy and time Mr Walton had devoted to the Sailing Club, to his fifteen years' service on the Councils, and nineteen years on the Board.

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