The Leckford Gazette

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By Tony Baker

Known as The Gazette of the Leckford Partnership Stockbridge, Hampshire, its aim was 'for the publication of facts, opinions and ideas of interest to anyone whose fortunes are for the time connected in some degree with those of the Company'

A typical list of contents were:-

Notes from the Stockbridge Joint Parish Defence Committee, Cheese from Ewes, Christmas Coal Gift, Cooking in War Time and Thrift Club Rules!

War Time

Not surprisingly, many articles related to War Time matters for example, on 9 January 1937 an article about the need for Air Raid Precautions, was published along with comment about a series of lectures on First Aid in Chemical Warfare!

Leckford opening delayed!

On a lighter note, mention was also made of the need to postpone the opening of the Leckford Holiday Camp from 1st July 1938, as there were no bookings! the opening was delayed until August!

News about Department Stores

The Gazette almost always ended with an article headed 'London Letter' which summarised the Department Store trading results/projects.

These articles give an illuminating insight into the world of our Department Stores in the 1930's. A typical comment is shown below from 12 August 1938

The West House at John Lewis Oxford St has now grown so large that officials who are wanted urgently may unconsciously play a most baffling game of hide and seek with those in search of them and may prove as elusive as any pimpernel. Escape will in future be more difficult, however, as the clocks in the House have now been equipped with lighting signals that are operated by our own Telephone Exchange. if for example the General Manage is wanted, his light will appear on the clock, so the wanted official then rings up the Exchange to find out who is in his track!

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