Head to head with a train

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Running out of steam doesn't apply to Salisbury Partner Mark Sim, who was among more than 830 contestants in this years'  'Race the  Train' event, a 14 mile multi terrain run in mid-Wales.  He said: "The aim was simple, on a blast of the steam train the runners and machine went head to head".

While the train had the advantage of journeying along a smooth gauge track, Mark and his fellow runners had what he calls "unforgiving, wet, muddy, ankle-twisting and lung-bursting terrain".

Despite this, Mark managed to achieve a time of one hour, 47 minutes  and 9 seconds.  The train?  One hour, 48 minutes and 27 seconds.  "It was far to close for my liking!", he admits.

Taken from Chronicle:  Volume 72,  21st September 2012.

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