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Photo:Waitrose Kenton with wines and spirits kiosk 1966

Waitrose Kenton with wines and spirits kiosk 1966

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Photo:Waitrose Kenton 1965

Waitrose Kenton 1965

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Photo:Waitrose Kenton - babies wait outside 1965

Waitrose Kenton - babies wait outside 1965

The Gazette

By Linda Moroney

Waitrose 113 opened at Kenton Road on 7th September 1965, the manager, Mr H A Ainsworth, opened the doors at precisely 10.00am. A hundred or so prospective customers queued outside, and from opening the pace was fast and furious, the checkout operators 'working like beavers'. Most customer comments were complimentary with one customer delighted that she wouldn't have to pay the eightpenny fare into Harrow for her shopping, whilst another was hoping to see a good range of delicatessen. Mrs Henrietta Abbey was pleased with the quality of the meat but was disappointed to find no continental bread.

Kenton was one of the smallest branches to open at the time, with a tiny dining room and a small car park. The Waitrose Chronicle of 1979 reported that improvements had been made to the dining room, and offices, with the addition of the one-time sweet shop next door which became the branch's self-selection wine shop. It also noted that many of the customers were known and were greeted by name.

The branch manager in 1979 was Mr Michael Foster. Deputy manager was Mr Trevor Sands and the branch office manager was Mrs Verna White. Kenton had a good number of long-serving people, said Mr Foster, amongst them Mr Duncan Mills, the wines manager, who had been at Kenton of six years and "knew 75 per cent of the people who shopped in the branch. "

The branch closed on 17th February 1996, to coincide with the opening of Waitrose South Harrow.

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