Washwood Heath - closed branch

By Linda Moroney

Branch 142 opened at Washwood Heath at 9.00am on Tuesday 22nd December 1970. This was one week after Waitrose Woodley - the first time Waitrose had opened branches with only a week's interval between them.

With a staff of 92 Partners (including week-end selling staff) and a selling area of 9,923 square feet, it was the third largest supermarket in the Partnership.

Management at the branch was as listed:

Branch Manager - Mr J McLauchlan; deputy manager - Mr R Hutton; grocery manager - Mr J Shropshall; non-food manager - Mr W Harvie; provisions manager - Mr R Wallington; warehouse manager - Mr M Griffin; branch clerk - Mrs C Hartley; wines manager - Mr K Kent; delicatessen manager - Mr B Clinton; fruit and vegetable manager - Mr W McConachie; meat manager - Mr D Warner and check-out manager - Mrs S Eginton.

The Gazette announced that the branch would closed on 29th January 1983, being succeeded by a branch of the Gateway business.

Photo:Washwood Heath Partners' Dining Room 1970

Washwood Heath Partners' Dining Room 1970

John Lewis Partnership archives

Photo:Washwood Heath checkouts 1970

Washwood Heath checkouts 1970

John Lewis Partnership archives

Photo:Washwood Heath shop floor 1970

Washwood Heath shop floor 1970

John Lewis Partnership archives

Photo:Washwood Heath shoppers 1970

Washwood Heath shoppers 1970

John Lewis Partnership archives

Photo:Washwood Heath 1970

Washwood Heath 1970

John Lewis Partnership archives

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I remember staff kids xmas parties here were great in the late 70's early 80's when my dad worked here before he transferred to Four Oaks for the rest of his career.

By Simon Smithies
On 18/04/2013

Where is this Waitrose supermarket. I remember visiting a Waitrose supermarket many times in Slough in 1970. My husband was a rep for Beechams & would visit the Maidenhead factory, so I went with him & would visit Waitrose in Slough after that. Lovely shop. Then Tesco in High Wycombe was a dirty shop with dump bins everywhere, with so say special offers. Waitrose was an eye opener for me. So clean and hygienic. I loved shopping there.

By Margaret Dorrett
On 18/07/2013

I loved this branch but sadly was the staff manager (Sheward then) when we had to close it. Tony ? was branch manager and I think that Martin Van Bueren (now at Ringwood?) was deputy. Wonderful times.

By Alison Debenham
On 27/07/2013

Margaret, this branch was in a suburb of Birmingham. Its closure was announced in 1982 and it became a Safeway in 1983.

By Pam Kenworthy
On 12/08/2013

Spent some great years here. Joined the branch in 1974 from branch No. 122. Our Manager at the time was Rose O Hara.  Now 43 years later I'm semi-retired, working at branch No. 150 working on fish and meat. Ironically I live just a mile from the branch. Now an Iceland.

By Paul Smith
On 25/04/2016