Waitrose Brighton

Waitrose Brighton under construction 1966
John Lewis Partnership Archive collection
Wine department Brighton 1966
John Lewis Partnership Archive collection A/2855/si
Wet Fish counter with a wall of water, Brighton 1966
John Lewis Partnership Archive collection A/2855/iii
Checkouts, Brighton 1966
John Lewis Partnership Archive collection A/2403n iv

Waitrose Brighton was a branch which was used to show many new and innovative ideas which were later rolled out in other branches.

In the 1960s the house design style of Waitrose was very much in its infancy and there were many trials to achieve a more striking brand image both for own brand products and the stores themselves 

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  • Does anybody have a picture of the escalator or a better description of what it was like?

    By David French (30/01/2022)
  • Oh this is so lovely! I remember as a small child going with my parents to do our weekend shopping every Friday in the seventies and buying ‘chocolate lovelies’ (desserts) that were made back then for our Friday night treat.
    I also recall getting lost once and someone taking me up to a little office to wait while they called out for my mother over the loud speaker.
    Those were the days… 🙏🏻♥️

    By L. Fensom (17/08/2019)
  • We used to buy a nice bottle of white wine and then go down to the  Withdean to watch some athletics.

    By Bernard (16/08/2015)
  • Did you have to put shopping trolleys on an escalator in the 70’s?

    By Richard foster (03/07/2014)
  • My abiding memories of shopping here with my Mother and Great Aunt in the sixties and early seventies are a) the fantastic smell of the wet fish counter, b) the very unsubtle store detective and c) the escalator for shopping trollies to get them to the car park, which was the MOST exciting thing ever!

    By Jon Dalladay (18/01/2013)

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