Chesham 192: memories of branch opening

The first experience most Chesham partners had of the 192 building was a tour with Mr Laycock wearing hard hats to look around the amazing new state of the art supermarket.

We got the branch about 10 days before the opening date, so some partners had to stay behind and staff the old 130 branch, while the lucky ones stocked the new shelves with spirit levels at the ready.

I remember working until just after midnight the night before opening and then back in at 6am on the opening day to finishing filling the last of the fresh food shelves.

We had an amazingly busy day, the Chesham public came out in force and our sales exceeded expectations. By 6pm I was shattered and the shelves had all been emptied!

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  • Mar 2021 – I am planning to write an article on the original Waitrose (130) store for The Chesham Society’s quarterly newsletter, Focus. If you have any memories, reminiscences or photos that I can use it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance for your help.

    By John Graves (17/03/2021)

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