Waitrose - A Family Affair

Throughout my childhood, it was drummed into me about what a great place Waitrose is to work for.  My mum (Margaret Strutt, was Welch) started work in Waitrose Hounslow when she was just 15 (around 1958).  She now works at Waitrose Sunningdale with my dad.  My sister works at Waitrose Frimley, and I’m based at Waitrose Head Office in Bracknell.  So, it’s a real family thing!

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  • I could dig out some family photos, or take one of my parents and sister in Waitrose uniform, and myself. My mum still has her Essential Instructions for Partners from the 1950s. I’m sure she has some old photos too. With regards to family association, as mentioned previously my mum started work in Hounslow at the age of 15. A few years later, my dad (who did not work for Waitrose) met her on an ramble organised by a youth group. He found out she worked in Waitrose, so arranged for his friend to go in and hand my mum a note asking her out, on his behalf – I believe my mum accepted his invitation. I think he used to walk round the store, hoping to bump into her, which was a little tricky as she worked in the warehouse full time. He eventually won her affections, and have now been married 47 years. I believe their marriage was announced in the Waitrose Chronicle in March 1965. My mum left to have my brother in May 1966. In those days, I don’t think maternity leave was a option. My mum therefore relunctantly left the business. She always had the intention of returning. Waitrose Hounslow then closed, and there were no branches in the area that were easy to travel to without a car, and she would not have been able to fit it round 3 children. But, she eventually returned to the business when they moved from Hounslow (where they had lived all their lives) to Bagshot and secured a position in Waitrose Sunningdale 12 years ago. My mum started at Sunningdale in September 1999, my dad started – also at Sunningdale in October 2000, and I securied a job in November 2001 in what was then known as Waitrose Training. We have therefore worked 13, 12 and 11 years continuous service respectively. My sister started at Waitrose Frimley in 2011. My mum obviously has a number of years ‘broken service’ due to the fact that she first started in the 1950s. My sister is now waiting eagerly until my newpher turns 16, which will be in May 2013. She then has plans for him to work at Waitrose also, which will be 4 generations!

    By Caroline Strutt (09/10/2012)
  • A Waitrose family indeed! Caroline,do you have a family photo that we can add to this page please? We would also love to read more about your family’s association with us.

    By Pam Kenworthy (08/10/2012)

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