St Albans 166

Waitrose St Albans
Waitrose St Albans
St Albans 166

1 Ermine Close Mayne Avenue St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 4JZ


The site for this branch is just outside the city and overlooks the cathedral.  It is also on the site of a pre-Roman settlement and is just outside the Roman city walls of Verulamium.

Hardly surprising then, that when the shop was under construction there were delays as the archaeologists uncovered an ancient site right underneath the new building.




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  • I worked at St. Albans Waitrose from about 1981 until 1985. Mr Turnbull was the manager when I arrived he lived a few doors away from me in Kings rd. I still have vivid memories of many of the staff. I still tell the story of when calls for Chris Mystery were put out over the tannoy ‘Christmas tree’. Eric Morecambe was often seen shopping in the store I used to spend most of my breaks playing snooker with my old mate Howard. In those days many of the staff could remember the prices of most of the products in the store as we would put price labels on all items you wont find that anywhere now ha.

    By Guy Keath (19/09/2017)
  • I joined the partnership in 1981 and worked in st albans for 20 years, I have lots of happy memories of the shop and partners and still work for the partnership to this day. Would love to help you x

    By karen admans (05/10/2012)

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