Windsor 54 (later 169 & 772) - closed branch (1962)

Waitrose Windsor 1937 decorated for Cornoation of King George VI
John Lewis Partnership archive collection

The first branch of Waitrose opened at Windsor in Castle Hill in 1918. This branch held the first Royal Warrant, to Queen Mary, who sometimes used to call in herself, especially for a particular branch of honey soap which she favoured. Once when the regular manager was on holiday, a relief manager was in charge of the shop when the Queen walked in. He was so overcome that he keeled over in a dead faint behind the counter.

The shop was decorated for the Coronation of King George VI in 1937. A photograph of this exists and pictured, in typical business dress of the period, left to right are: Miss Hatton, Miss Beasley, Miss Morgan (Head book-keeper) Mr Cassidy, Mr Haydn Booth (Manager), Mr Howard (Deputy Manager), Mr Grenville Ash, Mr Leslie Worth and Mr Prior, the delivery driver.

This branch of Windsor closed in 1962 but a new branch opened 27 years later, in July 1979. This 69th branch of Waitrose also received a Royal Warrant in 2003 to Her Majesty The Queen, after five years’ service to the Royal household. A right Royal Warrant for a right Royal address: 32 King Edward Court.


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  • Thank you for your question Gary, unfortunately I cannot find this, but as discussed on email to you, I have found a picture of both your parents, your Dad when he was Manager of FRV Warehouse, and your Mum when she worked in the FRV Office. I will put these in the section FRV Warehouse on the Memory Store as soon as possible.

    By Carol Hill (04/02/2013)
  • Does anyone have any pics from the Queen opening in 1979 ? I remember the pictures being in the Chronicle as my Dad was in them…. been 30 years since he passed away wanted to show my son James being Jubilee year and all thanks Gary

    By Gary Kelt (17/11/2012)

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