Gloucester Road Branch 53 (later changed to 123)

The shop unit just out of sight to the far left of this photo was originally a Budgens and became the Waitrose Wine dept in the late 60's

I left school in July 1965 having worked in Fine Fare as a Saturday boy for a couple of years and liked the work. When I decided to work in the food trade full time my parents were mortified hoping I’d join my Dad in his office in the City.

It was agreed that I would get proper training and only the Food Halls of the Lewis Group would do but my Youth Employment Officer understood that request to be the Waitrose Food Division of JLP not realising the difference between the Lewis’s.

So, on the 25th August 1965 I duly arrived on the doorstep of Waitrose Gloucester Road to be met by the Branch Manager, Mr (Fred) West. He would always be referred to as ‘Mr West’ and likewise on the shopfloor he would always address you as Mr, Mrs or Miss Whoever.

He wore the traditional pin-stripe trousers and black jacket, his Deputy Manager would also wear a full length white apron under his jacket. His name was Mr McGoldrick and was a larger than life character, more of which another time.

I was assigned to an adult sponsor, Miss Josie Neighbour, and confined to the basement warehouse for my first 2 weeks to learn the ropes the ‘Waitrose Way’, yes, there was a Waitrose Way back in 1965! The next 2 weeks got me onto the shop floor but could only speak to customers if Josie, sorry, Miss Neighbour, was there as well to make sure they were  addressed properly. I was eventually let loose as my previous grounding at Fine Fare came through.

Later I joined other newcomers for a 3 day Partnership course at Odney to be fully immersed into the Partnership culture, the whole induction process then was in stark contrast to today.

As a trainee Mr West thought I needed some responsibility so I was given the job of replacing the window posters which had to be in a straight line by eye ! I didn’t tell Mr West I had an arrangement with the window cleaner to leave some marks from the posters which had been taken down so I could achieve a perfect line every time.

There are more Gloucester Road memories to come but that’s enough for now.

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  • Does any one remember Mr clarridge branch manager and Mr coppen his deputy branch from around about 1973 to 1976 I was 16 when I joined the partnership working in groceries then provisions

    By Stephen kelly (08/08/2023)
  • Hi Chris,
    I remember all the names you’ve listed vividly, Maisie rings a bell, what was her maiden name ?
    I’d failed a couple of driving tests at that so was using public transport from Hayes in Kent everyday, bus, train and tube. I did cycle in up and over Crystal Palace a few times though.

    By Terry Hammond (24/07/2019)
  • Hi Terry.
    Waitrose was my first and last job in England, before I left for Canada in 1969, with my wife Maisie. I met Maisie at Waitrose she was a cashier to start with.
    Did you drive a mini minor?
    I have many memories, Mr. West, Mr. Mack, Mr. Brown,
    Mr. Cowell and many more. The ladies were many to,
    Eileen, Betty, Doreen, Anne, Bessy, to name a few.
    My first Department manager was Fred o Dell, fruit & veg.
    I have many memories it took me many years to get
    The number 53 out of my mind.
    Chris Goater.

    By Chris Goater (01/07/2019)
  • Terry, I really enjoyed reading this page and look forward to the next instalment!

    By Pam Kenworthy (13/11/2012)
  • I recently met Eileen (Elaine) Lawrence who was in the Pay office at Gloucester Road around this time. Do you have any memories of the people and events relating to the Head Offices?

    By Judy Faraday (13/11/2012)
  • Pam, glad you liked the first instalment, another one will follow probably next week but I’m conscious that my name is appearing a bit too often at the moment. Hopefully there will more contributions from other retired partners who I know have a lot to offer. I’ll have to be circumspect with some of the more ‘interesting’ memories of Gloucester Road as this is not the place for full details !

    By Terry Hammond (13/11/2012)
  • Terry, please don’t hold back – it is all about quality so don’t worry about the quantity.

    By Pam Kenworthy (13/11/2012)

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