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Hounslow 1956 | John Lewis Partnership Archive
Hounslow 1956
John Lewis Partnership Archive

The first Waitrose I used was in Hounslow in about 1966/67. Very refreshing as it stocked unusual vegetables – green peppers! Also wide aisles and bright and clean compared with the competition which was going through big price wars with green stamps, red stamps etc.  No mention of the Hounslow branch on the memory website.

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  • My first ever job
    After being a weekend assistant I got the job of a trainee manager in 1970. Spent 6 months as a warehouse assistant then moved on for training in other branches then returned as Grocery Manager in 1976, then provisions manager, left to go to Wallingford in 1979 till 84 when I left the Partnership. Fond memories Charlie Davie was my first branch manager, one of the first things he ever said to me was “we don’t expect our customers to stand on their heads” as I was filling the shelves with upside down tins
    Happy days

    By Paul Cowin (06/09/2020)
  • I was a partner for over 7 years at the branch . I started as a shelf filler and worked my way up to bacon cutter and provisions section manager . Had a stint on the committee for communications , earned a 2 weeks outward bound training course at Brathay Hall in the Lake District & loved it all – Life moved me on – but fond memories of Darts matches – a canteen lunch . 

    By Colin Crinall (08/04/2015)
  • I spent a few days at 103 around 1967 having drafted in as a ‘floor guide’ following a refit. Red lino covered wooden shelves were in use which could only be adjusted in height by using a screwdriver to loosen the brackets in a channel in the backpanel. The Branch Manager, Ted Warrington, asked us to speak in 3 minute bursts because of the noise from incoming aircraft to Heathrow made conversation difficult! It was my first taste of merchandising and refits which would lead to my involvement in around 200 future branch openings from Marlborough onwards.

    By Terry Hammond (27/10/2012)
  • Roger, thank you for setting up a page for the closed Hounslow branch. We are gradually adding closed branches to the website, so one less for us to add. Do you have any photos to share with us please? We would be delighted if you could add them to your page.

    By Pam Kenworthy (05/10/2012)

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