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  • Blimey a picture with John keen and Dave Webb and the cheeky assistant branch manager just brilliant 

    By Tony (29/03/2018)
  • The main character of slough 105 will always be Doreen Carty. What an amazing woman 

    By Tony (29/03/2018)
  • Me too with fond memories… the Butchery was my first work experience… and it really was an experience, sawdust on the floor,  washing out the steel bone bins and being a Saturday weekender, being hung up on a meat hook in the freezer, all good banter. Good memories Waitrose…  Jeff

    By Jeff (Australia) Haynes (01/06/2017)
  • I also worked at the ‘old’ Slough high street branch in 1969, and remember all the guys mentioned above. It was a great store with lots of great times and interesting characters. 

    By Veronica Bartyla (23/02/2015)
  • That’s certainly a trip down memory lane, as I remember all you guys from 1969!

    By Veronica Bartyla (22/02/2015)
  • Started my Waitrose career here mid 60s. What a great branch to work at. Still friends with three guys I met in these early years, Brian McNeaney, Steve Shore and Richard Hammett… two m’s two t’s!

    By Derek Morley (30/09/2014)
  • At 17,500 sq ft this was the largest supermarket in Southern England at the time. It must be the very first Food & Home with an extensive range of china and glass, housewares, paint, books and LP records etc. I visited the store with a group of fellow trainees in 1966 and at the time was blown away by its size and range of non food. We were also shown the dried fruit and pulses packing area for distribution to local branches as well as a similar operation for meat. I believe it also had the longest meat carcass hanging rail system in the country running from the back door to the chiller on the first floor and at the opposite end of the store. I have seen pictures of Rotisserie hot chickens being endorsed by probably the first celebrity chef to work with Waitrose – Philip Harbin. In 1975 returned to the branch for office training prior to an Assistant Branch Manager appointment whilst also re-igniting my table tennis (it had its own room) skills during lunch breaks !

    By Terry Hammond (05/11/2012)

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