Van Boy at Kinghams Circa 1960

My first job after leaving Leggetts Way School was as a ‘Van Boy’ for Kinghams at their depot in Watford, on the estate behind the ‘Sun Printers’  Hollywell Industrial estate, I think it was.

It was a very happy, carefree time for me, although I did work hard. I got to travel…. my greatest wish. To me at the time a delivery to Thrapston in Northampton was like a trip across the globe. I can remember a few names: Fred Jardine, Fred Smith, Pete Smith (Smiffy). Most of the ‘old hands’ had worked all through the war and through rationing. Nothing was ever said but quite a few of them owned their own homes (very unusual for the time).  I was impressed. I gained strength and local knowledge and ‘learnt the ropes’, a lesson in life and I have fond memories of ‘Kinghams’.

I used to help polish up the chosen lorries that entered the procession before the Watford Carnival in Cassiobury park.

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  • My father, James Stewart, spent all his working life, except for the service during the second world war, at Kinghams and drove the Austin drop nose vehicle shown in the above photo.  He was also the only driver to drive the Bedford Articulated Lorry when it was first taken into use back in 1947/48 period, GGX924.  I used to go with him delivering the goods to Amersham, Chesham, Chorleywood, Rushden and Little Chalfont.  The shop at Little Chalfont is still there, next to the railway station, but is all closed up. The loading bay was in Loates Lane, and the unloading bays was behind Trewin’s store (Before it became part of John Lewis)

    By Desmond Stewart (10/09/2015)

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