Electric van joins Waitrose fleet

Electric van joins Waitrose fleet

An environmentally friendly addition to the Bracknell site, in the form of an electric van, is an old M-registered van which was spruced up and painted in Waitrose colours.  It has a top speed of 8mph and is being used to ferry post and supplies between the main office block and south east offices.

Taken from Chronicle: Volume 58  14th February 1998

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  • Following the publication of my brief pictorial history of Waitrose Transport in Vintage Roadscene Magazine issue 159 February 2013 (with the excellent cooperation of JL Archives) a reader has suggests (with some assertion) that this vehicle is a Morrison-Electrical D series of the early 1970’s identified by the sloped-back cab and door style.

    By Terry Hammond (22/03/2013)

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