Good Idea's

The turntable is halfway through its turn. In the background is the next pallet to be turned, with the larger gap to the right of the photograph.

An idea to reduce the reaching by Partners in the Order Selection area came from Mr Vic Lane of the Main Warehouse.

His idea was to reverse the turntable which transfers the loaded pallets from one conveyor to the next, travelling at right angles to it, so that Partners do not have to lean over so far to take boxes from the pallets.  At present the side with about a nine inch gap (to the right of the boxes in the photograph) is presented to the Partners in the Order Selection area, but with the turntable reversed, the boxes would be turned the other way round so that the narrow gap would face them instead.

Having looked into the technicalities of reversing the turntable, this has proved a feasable suggestion and Mr Lane has therefore been awarded a £25 bonus.

Taken from Chronicle:  Volume 39   May 12 1979

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