Leckford Camp

Leckford Camp c1960

It was in 1934 that Spedan Lewis mentioned in the Gazette the idea of a camp at Leckford, but the plan did not come to fruition until 1937.

In its first experimental year, Mr Lewis wrote ‘the campers will be lodged in the buildings that were formerly for the chicken farm’. They were wooden huts measuring 20ft by 15ft. ‘They stand a long way apart. The tenants of each will have plenty of privacy in which to talk freely of their neighbours without apprehension of processings for libel!’

Accommodation, bedding and laundry were free and Partners paid just for their food. Spedan’s aim was ‘that it would make a good summer holiday possible for Partners who, because they have a number of children and not much money, find it difficult to get during the holiday season, satisfactory accommodation at a reasonable price’.

Over time the arrangements were much improved, including flush toilets in each chalet (1968) and showers were built into the main hut. However, it seems the most welcome change was the introduction of new softer mattresses (Jonelle) in 1967.

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  • I found these memories really interesting. I was born in Bournemouth and Southampton and the area are very familiar to me. We visited the Leckford Farm complex some years ago now but enjoyed every minute and feel sure any visitor would be delighted with a tour. Best wishes for the future.

    By David James-Bailey (12/03/2022)
  • I was there in the 1950’s my first year we had oil lamps for lighting, then after that electric was installed. I remember mornings going in the van to pick up the milk churns, there was a large sand pit, and swimming in a lake that I am sure had other water creatures swimming in it. The toilets were outside the chalet and one year we had glow worms, which we said were there to light our way. I remember an outing to a seaside while at Leckford but have no idea where it would have been, I just have the photos. It certainly was a great place for a holiday starting with the coach trip to get there. Happy memories.

    By Madeleine H (24/10/2013)
  • What fantastic memories my family have of summer holidays spent at the Camp. From the children running down to the kitchen block to ring the bell for breakfast to the games of rounders with the other families in the field after dinner, it was a brilliant place for everyone. Even the washing up rota was cheerfully tackled and we all felt a great comraderie with those in the other chalets. We would all chat about what to do and where to go that day whilst peeling the potatoes for dinner on the benches outside the kitchen. Then it would be off on the bikes across the fields to the swimming pool, a walk over to the Mayfly or maybe a real treat, afternoon tea at Lillie’s in Stockbridge!.

    By Judy Faraday (25/09/2012)

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