Waitrose Hayes - closed branch

By Linda Moroney

Waitrose Hayes opened at 482 Uxbridge Road on Tuesday 12th October 1971. The branch manager was Mr C R Davey, with 65 full-time and 30 part-time staff.

The day prior to opening, a prospective customer knocked on the supermarket window to ask Mr Davey who would be performing the opening ceremony. She was amazed and perhaps a little disappointed to find that there would be no fuss, just the unlocking of the doors at 9 o'clock sharp! On any opening day, explained Mr S Carter, Director of Trading, Food, 'the only aim is to show customers the quality of the merchandise and the type of standards they can expect - without any distractions.'

The shop had a large car park for 165 cars - a great advantage due to the fact that it was situated on a busy main road.

Training for checkout operators was carried out by Mrs Jenny Thomas, one of the staff trainers, who arranged for checkout operators to have experience at other branches, including Hounslow and Barnet.

The branch closed, with a staff of 73 Partners, on 31st July 1999. Mr Felwick, at the Waitrose Branch Council meeting 'paid tribute to all Hayes Partners past and present, who had worked so hard to ensure that the Waitrose name would not be forgotten by loyal customers in and around Hayes.'

Photo:Waitrose Hayes 1971 with its large car park

Waitrose Hayes 1971 with its large car park

John Lewis Partnership archive collection

Photo:Waitrose Hayes 1971

Waitrose Hayes 1971

John Lewis Partnership archive collection

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This was my first Waitrose experience. I started there on the 9th June 1976, as ASM Provisions. The Branch Manager was Bob Tidball, Dave Spurling Deputy manager and Jack Williams as assistant manager. My section manager was Ron Barker. What a great time we had.

By Terry Lyall
On 30/04/2014

Just seen this article while browsing. I worked for Waitrose from August 1969 until June 1973 when I left to join the police in London.

Sad to see this branch had closed. I moved here from Hounslow to help open the branch as 'First Hand' on grocery with Charlie Davey, Ron Barker, Graham Bassett, Steve Shore and a host of others I could still name. We had a pretty good football team at the time with some of the Saturday boys playing for us. It was only the drivers from Bracknell we had trouble with!

I moved back to Hounslow as Non - Food manager and then moved to open East Sheen as Non - Food manager with Bill Pratt as manager before I left to join the police. Time flies. I've been retired from the police for over 13 years after 30 plus years service but still remember Waitrose with great affection.

By Jim Baker
On 30/11/2016