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Small but Perfectly Planned

In July 1998, Waterside opened. With only 400 sq. foot of selling space, it was the smallest branch the Partnership has opened, and aimed to serve the workers at British Airways Headquarters.

Stock was picked daily at Waitrose Ruislip and due to Waterside’s dinky size, just 600 of Ruislip’s 15,000 lines made the final cut to be stocked at Waterside on Opening.

In an interview with The Gazette on the branch’s opening,  Section Manager Mark Francis said: “Because our potential customer base is 2,500 rather than the 25,000 or more of a ‘normal’ branch, we should be able to get to know everyone well. I and the other Partners working here are very conscious that we are representing Waitrose to everyone at BA, and we are keen to establish a good relationship.”


British Airways Waterside
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  • I too was An ASM here for 2 years 2001-2003 and loved the role, very different from normal branch life and back then no-one had ever heard of 228 so was always a joy to explain about the smallest store in Waitrose 

    By Paula Hinchcliffe (25/06/2015)
  • I am the current ASM at 228 and the job is very demanding, but it’s a nice environment to work in. 

    By Sanj Sharma (05/06/2015)
  • Hi

    I was the first ASM at 228 and helped open the branch with a small team of Partners! What would you like to know?!

    By Mark Gibaut (19/05/2015)

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