Good Idea

Mr A Payne, of the Main Warehouse, suggested an adaption to the method by which the carts are linked into the towchain system.

Carts accumulate until they are picked up by the constantly moving tow chain.  At that time a pin on the cart drops down and locks into a dog which pulls the cart to its next appropriate station.  The pin rests on a washer which prevents it dropping too far down.  Difficulty arose in trying to lift the pin up when the washer broke because the top dropped flush with the box section which holds it in place.

Two suggestions were made by Mr Payne, one involving bearings within the box sections; the other, which is to be adopted was to drill through the top of the pin to accommodate a split pin.  This would not interfere with the pin dropping into the tow chain, but would act as a safeguard in the event of the washer breaking.

Mr Payne’s idea has been adapted slightly for use in the warehouse, but as the idea originated with Mr Payne he has been awarded £25 bonus.

Taken from Chronicle:   Volume 39,  April 28 1979

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