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Jan Mason - Romsey

By Carol Hill

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Romsey Counter Assistant, Jan Mason was featured in the Chronicle when she was seconded to the Salvation Army for six months as a volunteer at a drop in centre in Southampton.

In February last year, at the end of her secondment she recounted her experience at the  centre which caters for homeless and underprivileged people in the city.

She said: "I've been challenged in so many ways during my time at The Drop-in.  One day I was outside feeding the car parking ticket machine and a homless lady said to me "Hey Jan, I wish I was rich like you".  To which I replied: "Oh Angie, I'm not rich, I'm just sort of average".  But then I realised I am rich, maybe not in the way Angie was thinking but rich in so many other ways.

Taken from Chronicle:  Volume 62,  18th January 2003

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