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James’ “memories of Happy Days” were correct. My Dad also worked at Holdrons in the Fifties and Sixties. Sadly, he passed away in 1966 aged 48. However, I have good memories of Peckham and especially, Leckford. In total we spent only about fifteen weeks on holiday there from c1950 to 1958, but the impact of those times is greater than those few weeks would suggest.

As James wrote, the John Lewis van picked us up from Andover, however one year the van was replaced by a smart “shooting brake”; well, that’s what I was told it was, we didn’t see many in Peckham. I don’t think it lasted long as it scraped on the road as it turned into the camp!

James’s memories of the huts, toilets, swing, etc were just as I remember. The jets were from RAF Chilbolton and we would often hear the jet engines on the test bed! I remember the sonic boom there, from the early days of supersonic flight.

I often think of Tom and Winnie (Mr and Mrs Cashman to us children) and wonder where their son and daughters (Pat, Susan) are. What has become of them?

I loved the walk to Leckford village, either via the shortcut through the cherry-plum orchard or on the lane through the farm past the collie who was pretending to be aggressive and we children pretending to be brave. 

Among other adventures, we would climb the trees near the camp entrance, thinking our parents did not know where we were. When the bell (?) went for lunch or dinner we would emerge and swoop and whoop down towards the dining hall.

I think that is enough for now. Thank you James for resurrecting a record of great times!











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  • My parents were Tom and Win Cashman. My name is Jean and for anyone that was at the Leckford Camp at the time my parents were, I was the little baby. I have been showing these articles to my older brother and sister, Michael and Susan. My brother said his strongest memory is becoming an expert at scrumping apples. Both Michael and Susan remarked how different it was to living in the centre of London. I now have a younger sister who was born in Basingstoke and the two of us are interested to hear stories of the camp.

    By Jean Cashman (30/05/2021)

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