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“Staff Office : This standard phrase, with which all calls are answered in this office, spoken in a cheerful voice by Mrs Pat Maycock, is the first contact many an applicant for a job in Bracknell Head Office, will have with Waitrose.

The variety of jobs covered by extensive advertising conducted from the Bracknell Staff Manager’s office, including a wide spectrum of job specifications, from the Warehouse on one hand, to the detailed technical requirement of John Lewis Central Vehicle Workshop, situated just across the road from the Administration building on the other.

All vacancies withing Bracknell Head Office are recorded here, and many Partners may transfer to Bracknell from other branches or from office to office within the Administration block.  The FRV warehouse, the Birch Hill offices, as well as the Training Office in London, also come within the jurisdiction of the Bracknell Staff Manager Mr Malcolm Kane – and it is no wonder that the voice of his Secretary, Pat Maycock, is know so well to so many.

Taken from Chronicle:   Volume 39,  28 April 1979

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  • Remember Pat very well and this article was written just before I joined. Liz ? took over from Malcolm Kane as Bracknell Staff Manager and I replaced Liz in Group G. After Liz, Evelyn Hatch was Bracknell Staff Manager and Rosemary Smith was Senior Staff Manager. Those were the days!

    By Alison Debenham (Sheward) (25/07/2013)

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